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About Us

With the high number of real estate brokers on the island, the choice is difficult.

Some decide to contact a large company, the other like the individual support by the director. If you belong to the second "category", you are exactly right with us! 

On my holidays in 1997 I felt in love with the island, so I moved already in summer 1998 to Majorca. In 2001 I took over the sales management with a German property developer in the 5-star luxury residential complex "Las Fuentes de Los Pámpanos" in Nova Santa Ponsa. At the same time, I expanded the company with a second sales office for external properties in the southwest of Majorca. After selling all the units of the promoter I founded my own real estate agency. From 2008 to 2011 I was in possession of the license of the entire southwest of a German franchise company. 

As I went through different systems in this business, I could gain a lot of experience and information in this industry during these years. 

Supported by our cooperation partners with whom I am associating long-term partnerships, we offer our individual, personal support to the prospective buyer, who still appreciate this service.